Thursday, October 05, 2006

Examples of the faith: Hudson Taylor

'The Biography of James Hudson Taylor'
Late 1800s.

The story of how one young man, burdened by the lost millions of China, obeyed the Great Commission and went to China. Despite the fact that he didn't have a financial support base back home, he relied on God daily to provide for his every need. The book is filled with his journal entries and letters he wrote home that describe his years of pioneering missions work in China. The harrowing, lonely first years, the years of plowing the ground, and the years of sending the workers and reaping the harvest. Hudson Taylor founded the "China Inland Mission", later renamed the "Overseas Missions Fellowship", which is now a world-wide missions organization, busy making disciples in many nations.

Hudson Taylor's appeal to the Christians in England:

“I want you to pray daily that God will direct us as to which provinces we should attempt, and how. We have the almighty God with us; the all-wise Counsellor to guide; the indwelling Spirit to give efficacy to the preached Word. Ask for me more simple trust in Him, and boldness to attempt great things. Try to get friends to promise and seriously endeavour to pray daily about the opening up of new provinces to the Gospel. Christ must speedily be proclaimed in them: how and by whom we must ask Him. “ pg 332 Bio.

What struck me was this man's insatiable thirst for closeness with Christ. It was his intense prayer life and quiet, faithful persistence to obey the call of God that enabled thousands to hear the good news for the first time. An amazing testimony to the power of God.

Reading this book has made me desire a new closeness with God that can only be found through earnest prayer and study of the Word. Somehow I feel that there are things I've never experienced, but only talked about...


At Friday, October 06, 2006, Blogger Jessica said...

wow MH, that is amazing. In the last while I have had a desire to go to Chine and do mission work there. My grandparents were both missionaries in China and work under Hudson's organization and my grandparents as well. I think my parents have a pictures of my grandfather sitting on hudsons lap when my grandfather was a little boy. Part of my mom side of the family has also done to chine and done stuff under his organization. It's crazy. I have such a desire to be there. I am so happy you worte this blog. It's great and Hudson Taylor was amazing man.

At Wednesday, October 18, 2006, Blogger Karen said...

frig man...that talk tonight was frigging amazing...heart moving..and just plain wow.


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