Monday, May 29, 2006

My maman: the Photo-grapher

Fantabulous tulips

A beginning of spring

Sunset... who knows where...

Zorra: our adorable rottweiler

My mom is the one who has taught me to look for and appreciate small, beautiful things in life.
A bird on a branch, a peculiar rock on the ground, unique flowers and random trees... All of God's creation has got to have something fascinating and beautiful in it.
Merci Maman.


At Monday, May 29, 2006, Blogger Karen said...

thats so presh, lately i have really been thinking about the small things after reading a book called "stargirl", oh presh i miss you!! and its only been like a week or two since ive seen you last, i took it for granted that i got to see you three times a week! cant wait to see you..! love always!!-Kabe


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