Monday, June 19, 2006


12 days from now I will Mrs. James Morell. Oh man.

When I was 13 years old I prayed, "God please help me find my man and get married young." And here I am, not even 20 and half and getting married to the most wonderful man I coul
d imagine. God is so good.

If you haven't all read Karen's blog about waiting for her guy, go read it now.

I was inspired by the beautiful way that she described in such detail this nameless guy that she's waiting for. Yeah Karen! We all have lists of every quality that we'd like in our dream guy. I made my first one when I was about 15 and have added to it ever since. Here it is, unedited. By the way, in my journals I referred to my future husba
nd as my 'FH'.

Things I would like my FH to be
1. On fire for God
2. Loving towards his family
3. Same general direction as me for the future
4. A servant, humble heart

5. Handsome enough for me
to be physically attracted
6. Open for new things/Adventurous

8. French speaking
9. A good communicator, especially of his own thoughts and feelings.

10. A musician of some kind

11. Our families must be close/my parent
s must know him well
12. Not afraid to DANCE for G
13. Work for me like Jacob worked for Rachel, treat me like that.

14. A gentleman

15. connected somehow to gymnastics

Honestly, when I wrote that, I was like 'Ok God, there's a challenge for you!' I had second thoughts and almost took some of the things off because I thought it was too picky. After I wrote that, as I met guys in whom I appreciated different qualities, I would add to the list. Things like leadership, an evangelistic heart, someone who will invest into other's lives... Picky as it was, (you all know what I'm going to say...) Jamie is all of those things. His mom was even a national level gymnastics judge for years! He had every quality, and in these past 3 years he's grown into so many more that I never though of but appreciate so much.
He was definitely worth waiting for.

My handsome hunk and I at Nat and Naomi's wedding

Hands up for whoever wants to get married one day. Ok hands up for those who are willing to wait until the right time and the right man come along. YEAH big cheer!!!!
It's really difficult, but I know a lot of you girls that read this are commited to waiting (in more ways than just keeping sex for marriage) for your future husband.

I encourage you to set yourself apart, wait. Make yourself a list, and add to it as you go. And don't settle for anything less!! Take all that time and thought and energy that would go into a relationship with a guy and invest it into people around you, your family, your girlfriends, people who have needs... actively seek to invest into your community. That's when you'll find, when you're not even looking, a guy who is also outward focused, and you'll have all kinds of other healthy, wholesome relationships!

Above all, we girls need to be wholely dependent on Jesus for ALL our emotional needs. That is a huge key because no human, not even the most amazing guy in the world (not even Jamie!) can fulfill all of those needs. Jesus wants to be first in our hearts.

Wait, dear ladies, and don't just sit there but "hussle while you wait" and be useful to God's kingdom in this season of singleness so you can serve Him in greater fullness when He brings you your Prince Charming. :)

PS Allow me to re-recommend the book 'Authentic Beauty' (see link on the side) it's really a great book.


At Monday, June 19, 2006, Blogger Karen said...

it is hard. espacially when you meet a nice Christian guy. its tempting. but i am so in love with Jesus. He's all i want!i love you!!

At Tuesday, June 20, 2006, Blogger teeno said...

Oh man, MH! I read the list you had made and then I read further down and I laughed at Jamie's mom being a gymnastic's coach... oh wow. As Karen said, it is hard, but Jesus is the only love muahaha.

At Sunday, June 25, 2006, Blogger Jessica said...

OH MY GOODNESS MH!!!! I can't believe it! hahha Your getting married in a week! That's crazy! haha Wow I am really happy for you and Jamie. I know God has done wonderful things your relationship. I really look up to you guys and respect everything you done to get where you are today. May God Bless you and Jamie on your wedding day and years to come. I love you. I'll see you at the wedding.

God Bless

At Tuesday, June 27, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your openness!
Actually, in recent time you're not the first to tell about writing down traits you want to see in your future wife/husband. I'll think I'll start that list now :)

A friend of mine even added to it: Not only write down what you want to see in your future wife, but write down what you can offer her on your behalf. I thought this is a valuable addition so I will start that list too.

How cool is our God! Blessing you with a man that fits all your needs! I wish you an awesome marriage.
Your lifestory is encouraging to me!

Go girl!

greetz from Holland,


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