Monday, June 18, 2007

Girls weekend: Friday night

The DoK Girls weekend went great! We had a wonderful time getting to know some new friends, doing fun stuff and talking about God in our lives.

Friday night we started off with some get-to-know you games:

Here the girls had to build a contraption that would keep an egg from breaking when it was dropped from a second story window.

The girls enjoyed the beautiful scenery: especially the frogs!!

We had a bonfire and ate hot dogs and marshmallows... and s'mores!! Delicious.

The sleepover was great fun, although I heard there was some snoring going on... :)

Girls weekend: Saturday

We started off Saturday with a talk about why should we follow Christ? The girls had some alone time to meditate on Luke 9:23-25 and to think about what does it mean for me to follow Christ?

Then, as a group, we learned a little about how to worship by serving and helped out Dayspring by cleaning windows! The girls did a great job.

After cleaning the windows we went for a much-deserved swim! Although the sun wasn't out, and the water was a little chilly, we still had a blast.

Lunch was delicious subs, fruit, rice crispies and notice the home-made salsa on the table!
In the afternoon we did manicures, more swimming and lots of just hanging out.

Marie brought some beads and taught us to make prayer chains: each bead represents someone to pray for.

For supper we were treated to a delicious banquet and served by two handsome, dashing young men! (Jamie and Nat) we had veggies and dip, caesar salad with homemade croutons and real bacon, then followed by delicious spaghetti and meatballs with rhubarb cake and ice cream for dessert. Oh and rhubarb punch. The girls said it was their favorite part of the weekend. It's nice to get pampered :)A huge THANK YOU to Naomi, Marie, Deja and our cook Rhonda who helped out during the weekend. It couldn't have happened without you! Thanks for a great weekend. Let's do it again!